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Boys Weekend

by Allan Perrottet May 15, 2019 2 min read

Boys Weekend

After months and months of begging and asking I finally got my visa approval….FROM the WIFE for a boy’s weekend away. Can I get a HELLLLL YEAH!!!! So many ideas swimming around my head on where to go and what to pack. So much excitement it's exhilarating. But first things first, what should I bring along.....

First aid kit : This absolutely cannot be any ordinary first aid kit. This is a specially made one just for guys weekend. Included in this kits should be splinters for any broken wrists or ankles, just in case someone has a sudden burst of liquid courage and decided to jump off a roof or tree.

Burn kit :  Funny story is that is that a friend of mine, once tried to start the BBQ fire with gasoline...seriously the dude had a flame running up his arm! So this is a total must have! Dangerous stunts are common occurrences on these kinds of trips...





An attitude made of steel : Yup, no one likes a sensitive b*tch. There will undoubtedly be lots of pranking and jokes. There will be no time to hold hands if feelings get "hurt".

Beers beer beers : There is nothing worse than running out off beers mid festivities. You see, this extra stash of beer will be kept a secret. A secret until someone realises SH*T, we have no more drinks! In comes me on my fictitious white horse galloping to save the weekend with extra packs. I will be known as The Hero for years to come!!!!

Anti hangover pills and Gatorade :  If you want to party like a rock star, you better come prepped like one. There will be no half assing (fading) the weekend, especially since it is a rare occasion that gets approved maybe only once every 5 years!

Extra underwear : And my trusty T-Bo underwear, I never leave home with out them :) …

With all that said, I need to get going now. I have so much more planning to do. But I will be back soon with  more stories ;)


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Allan Perrottet
Allan Perrottet

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