Why Are Men's Underwear Expensive

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I have been in the fashion industry for many many years now, and believe it or not the number one question I get asked is WHY IS UNDERWEAR SO DAMN EXPENSIVE. It is just a small piece of fabric afterall which no one see...unless you want them to *wink wink*.

Does it really matter if you wear underwear that cost $1 dollar or $35…..

And the answer is yes yes yes!

More often than not, superior quality bodywear can cost more than clothing itself. There was a  time when underwear was considered a basic item, not much thought and was put into it except to serve the basic function of modesty. Fabric, designs and styles options were highly limited back in the day, and of course this also came at the cost of comfort.

I personally do not believe (and from experience) in skimping when it comes to my bodywear, and here are my top reasons why this should be considered an investment.


Reason No 1 : The Fabric

Now I know it easy to pick up an el cheapo underwear from the local supermarket on markdown. But let us take a moment to think of what the fabric it is made of. Will this fabric stand the test of time. Will it hold my goodies in place without constriction it. WIll it not give me a rash? The answer to all this is probably a big fat NO

Fabric plays a pivotal role in the absorption and the breathable comfort of your crotch area. This reduces bacterial growth which can cause itchiness and rashes. Opt for higher quality fabrics, which will definitely benefit you in the long run, and not to mention lesser stanky odours.


Reason No 2 : The Fit

The fit of your underwear has a significant impact of your confidence throughout the day. Nothing is worse then having to pull and tug on your nether regions whilst you are out having a good time. It can be distracting not only for you, but also those around you.   

Underwear needs to fit your body and move with your natural movements. And not roll up or restrict you around your thighs.

Brands (such as your truly) have invested time into the global research of the perfect fit for a Man's body. The development and trialing process usually takes many many months with numerous prototype samples made up until the perfect end result is achieved.



Reason No 3 : The Brand

It is human nature to want to be heard and really listened too.

This is what many brands who produce lower quality underwear lack, the ability to communicate to its community. Top players in the fashion world today have realized that a two-way communication approach is the future. In other words, transparency and more personalized interaction between brand and consumer is of high importance and worth the investment. The goal is to give consumers what they want, and not the brand telling them what they want.

When it comes to something as personal and intimate as underwear, we want to be heard and taken seriously!


Reason No 4 : Your overall confidence

Lets face it, this is probably the most important reason to invest in your underwear. Slipping into something that feels luxurious and visually appealing does have a positive effect on our overall confidence.

It is an old saying, invest in good shoes as you are always in them, but maybe it is time to use this same principle when making your underwear purchases:)


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